Making a Stunning DIY Lamp Shade from Recycled Tetra Drinks Cartons

Making a Stunning Lamp Shade from Recycled Tetra Drinks Cartons 8


Some people are almost too resourceful and talented for words. That would seem to be the case with Malaysian designer, Ed Chew. Ed’s remarkable creation appeared in the online design magazine Yanko Design and it has evoked considerable interest. Today, ‘going green’ is becoming the socially acceptable way to live. As a result, it is always refreshing to see an idea that is practical and attractive, and which uses recycled material! Better still, this lamp is more eco-friendly than you might imagine. Why? Because it literally only uses the tetra packaging, and no glue. That’s right. The creation of the lamp is inspired by the Kasudama origami method which uses no adhesive.


If you look closely you will see that the tetra packaging for this lamp is used as a container for many soft drinks in Malaysia. Cleverly, the interior of the packaging is silver, making it ideal as a colour for a lamp shade, or other ideas. You will also notice that the cardboard is not flimsy, but sturdy and rigid. This means that when folded, the cardboard will want to spring open again. This is perfect for Kasudama origami. When a number of folded pieces are placed together, the ‘springiness’ in the fold makes them stick together. With clever manipulation each individual piece can be assembled together to form a rigid sphere. Then comes the exciting part. Once in place as a lampshade, turning on the light will cast a wonderful array of shadows across your room. This is a truly brilliant way to recycle materials to create something very unique.












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