Makeup Trends for Spring 2012

Makeup Trends

This season, colors are the trend; we mix sophisticated elegance with the playful look. On a fresh skin, go for a pastel color on the eyelids, a nice red on your lips or a touch of blush to enhance your cheekbones. Revive your makeup by adding new colors and mixing perfectly to get the most elegant look. Follow this post if you want to learn about the latest makeup trends for spring 2012. A perfect complexion must be with zero defects, but still natural. This season, the complexion is unified and sublimated for a healthier skin, that’s smoother and more radiant. Focus on all mineral textures and healthy glow powders. For blush; this spring, enjoy a peachy blush that will enhance your cheekbones and give you a natural healthy glow. Blush comes in many forms; Powder, stick, cream… You have to find the one that suits you according to your skin type and the desired result. For eyes, this season the pastel is back; choose the right tone according to your eye color: Blue eyes: the complementary color of blue is orange, thus go for shades of orange, peach or pink. Harmonize it with an apricot blush and a coral lipstick and avoid green. Green eyes: the complementary color is red; the tones that will enhance your eyes look are the pink shades and avoid blue. Brown and black eyes: you can dare to try all colors! Do not hesitate to darken slightly the eyelashes to bring more character to your look. Note that for this season, the makeup is whether in the eyes or lips; if you put makeup to your eyes, opt for a transparent lip gloss. The lips are bold this season with a lipstick in shades of coral, a young and vibrant color that will give you an attractive pep look. Remember to stay with a very light eye makeup if you go for an intense lipstick color. Finally, we won’t forget the nail polish which is a beautiful accessory that will be used this season more than any time before! Dare to try flashy & tangy colors; pink, coral, orange or even classic red. Forget the tone on tone, mix colors like green and purple or treat yourself with a bi-color French manicure.

Makeup Trends for Spring2012

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