Magnificent Villa Design in Long Island

Want to enjoy some eye pleasure? Take a look at this luxurious villa design in Long Island where an incredible work was done to create this amazing fusion between the interior & the outdoor, and between the air & water. Done by the agency Steven Harris Architects, this house has a space of 426 m² , with 4 bedrooms and many bathrooms that is designed from the exterior & the interior with a stylish contemporary style. The villa has a clear minimalist design blended with a luxury style; from the outside with sharp rectangular shapes and clean lines, and the interior with high level minimalist furniture and very elegant walls & floors. This outstanding villa is in fact open to the winds & the sunlight thanks to sliding walls and interior design depending greatly on glass. In the basement, rooms are even open to the pool! Finally, a small staircase behind the house leads you directly to your little private beach… what a luxurious lifestyle!

Maison piscine plage Archiboom 1

Maison piscine plage Archiboom 2

Maison piscine plage Archiboom 7

Maison piscine plage Archiboom 5

Maison piscine plage Archiboom 3

Maison piscine plage Archiboom 6

Maison piscine plage Archiboom 4

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