Magic Tricks for Mystified Dogs

Magic Tricks for Mystified Dogs

Jose Ahonen is Finnish and describes himself as a mentalist and magician. Well we’re not too sure what a mentalist is, but from these clips we are definitely sure he is a magician, and we have eight dogs to back us up on that. This is fun and funny both at the same time and in case any of you watched the video before reading this, we can assure you that the dogs each received a treat and this was not a case of cruelty and outright teasing. We really liked the idea of a magician using dogs as an audience for a number of reasons, the main one being that you get an honest reaction. Here you don’t get a ‘patsy’ or a ‘plant’ from the audience saying “Wow! That really is magic!” Instead you just have to look at the reaction of the dogs and the expression on their faces to know that magic was really happening.

We did a little research on Jose and it seems he is a very talented man. One of his tweets alluded to a period in his life before he became a full-time magician. “I did music years ago but I had to stop because it was too hard to say “musician and magician” in the same sentence.” We are inclined to agree with him here and we are so glad he decided to concentrate on magic, especially with dogs. We also think we are not alone with that sentiment as over 14 million of you have viewed this video on YouTube, and it was only uploaded back in March. There’s also a great comment in the section underneath the video: “This says something about the intelligence of dogs, not sure what”. We’re not sure either!

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