Maggie Sottero Short Wedding Dresses

Maggie Sottero Short Wedding Dresses 2013 11


When you picture a wedding dress, do you envision something long, flowing, and elaborate? Maggie Sottero steps beyond those traditional limits with her collection of short wedding dresses. Believe it or not, she has succeeded in creating an alternative with all the elegance of the classic wedding dress packed into a shorter style. This season of short wedding dresses was “20s inspired Boho Chic, Vintage 40s Hollywood Glam, Art Deco beadwork and embroidery.” This unique set of inspirations produced a finished product that is part classic, part modern, and all hit.


The fabrics Ms. Sottero uses range from slinky silk to ruffled tulle. Some of the dresses are straight, narrow, and unadorned while others have all the fullness of a traditional gown, with the added feature of stopping above the knee. Many of the dresses retain the traditional embellishments of embroidery, beadwork, and sequins, while others move on with colors and flourishes not seen on wedding dresses until Sottero put them there. Anyone who is looking to make a statement with her wedding dress in a tasteful yet fashion forward way should consider Maggie Sottero’s short wedding dresses. The bride who marries in one of these not only will have all eyes on her when she marries but all ears listening for her fashion advice ever after.


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