Maggie Gyllenhaal New Haircut 2013

Maggie Gyllenhaal New Haircut 2013 1

“Hello world! You need to know that I’m not bobbed anymore, I’m a pixie instead” said Maggie Gyllenhaal’s hair… I know that this is a very crazy introduction, but let’s concentrate on its contents, my precious readers. So, read it again and tell us what you understand. Exactly!! The “Won’t Back Down” actress has ditched her stunning medium length bob hair for a sexy short pixie one. What a drastic transformation, isn’t it?! Definitely it is!

When and why has she gone for this short hairdo? Aren’t you asking yourselves this couple of questions right now? Yeah? I knew it! Concerning the first one, Maggie showed off this new cut while making her way out of LAX airport a few days ago. I guess that all of you can imagine how cute, fashionable and sexy the star looks like with those short locks, right?!

Beauties, you have to know that Gyllenhaal hasn’t made any statement about her newly debuted haircut. Yup, she hasn’t revealed why she opted for it. So unfortunately, the second question will remain unanswered… But let’s assume that the star may have chopped off her locks in order to cope with the 2013’s hairstyle trends or something. Anyway, tell us: What do you think of Maggie’s pixie? Is it hot or not?

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