Luxury Square Bathtub For Modern Bathroom by Colacril

Bathtub For Modern Bathroom

Modern style depends in the first place on simple shapes and lines. Cubic designs represent a good usage for simple lines in modern style; a cubic design looks very stylish and also minimalist. Colacril, the Italian manufacturer of bathroom furniture, presents a new project for a bathroom design called Atmosphere containing contemporary bathtubs that are not only fashionable and up-to-date but also practical. Thanks to its cubic shape, it doesn’t take big space so it provides more free spaces which would be perfect for small houses and minimalist designs. Bathtubs are made of polymineral materials and having a glossy lacquered exterior with a matt interior. They are available in two models; the square shape (120×120 cm) and the rectangular one (160×70 cm and 180× 80 cm). Both models are minimalist and can perfectly match with any modern style bathroom. Colacril presented those bathtubs as a part of a beautiful bathroom design having the same geometric style; washbasins and toilets are also designed in cubic shapes which give the whole bathroom a modern and stylish look. As it is shown in the pictures, we find that the designer is focusing on the utility of the cubic bathtub, he placed it once in the centre of the bathroom and once beside the wall in order to show us how practical it is this geometric design.

Minimalist square bathtub by Colacril 1Minimalist square bathtub by Colacril 2Minimalist square bathtub by Colacril 3Minimalist square bathtub by Colacril 4Minimalist square bathtub by Colacril 5

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