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Solid Ash Kitchen Designs

When you design your kitchen, you make it once or twice through your life, so you must make sure that you are choosing the right material and making a classy functional and organized kitchen that gives you the space you need and that is equipped with all that you need in a stylish organized way to give you its optimum. These are Solid Ash kitchen design inspirational photos that can guide you when choosing your kitchen’s design and show you how you can organize it in a great manner for the perfect kitchen ever. In these kitchens, the wood used is solid ash with two different color degrees; one with white ash and the other with pale brown ash. Solid ash is used in kitchen design for its stability, Ash is generally straight-grained and shrinks moderately, but it holds its shape well and can be kiln-dried rapidly and satisfactorily. The wood is also heavy, strong, stiff, high in shock resistance, and wears smooth with use. The kitchen worktops are all individually shrink wrapped. Ash is a natural product and vulnerable to movement caused by moisture levels in the air, the individual shrink wrap helps to minimize the risk of a hardwood worktop bending before it is sealed with your chosen finish.

Solid Ash Kitchen Designs 1

Solid Ash Kitchen Designs 2

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