Luxury Natural Wood Wash Basins by Ammonitum

Natural Wood Wash Basins

Wooden elements don’t just add a beautiful natural ambiance to the place, but also create an irresistible luxury style. Now you can create this awesome look in your bathroom too and decorate it with pretty touches of wood to turn it into a luxury one inspired by the beauty of the nature. Ammonitum presents an attractive collection of washbasins that are all made of natural wood and treated to resist water and heat. The best advantage of this collection is that all washbasins are custom made, so you can choose freely between over than 80 kinds to come with the model that pleases you. Washbasins are available in different shapes; round, oval and others. They can match perfectly with modern bathrooms as well as classic ones; for example in modern style you can add a contemporary stainless steel faucet while you can use a brass one in a classic bathroom.

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luxury wood wash basins 2

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