Luxury Gentle Bedroom Design Ideas

Creating a gentle atmosphere in your bedroom depends on two basic elements: using wooden furniture and adding more delightful colors. Wooden furniture specially in bedrooms creates a nice natural style, and when you combine this natural look with subtle colors you get a beautiful and relaxing ambiance that gives a good feeling for your eyes and of course your body. White walls are perfect in this case because white is a calm color that brings a pure and soft look and you can easily match with it any other color in sheets and curtains. If you decide to color the walls, white furniture will be an excellent choice in this case as well as wood; try to stay in earth colors for walls and choose sheets and curtains in charming colors to keep on the harmony you want to create. In gentle bedroom designs, stay away from strong contrasts because they won’t give you the delicate and subtle look that you are looking for. Wooden bedroom furniture with white walls and baby rose sheets and curtains is an example for the perfect combination for a nice soft and tender atmosphere, many other combinations could give the same pretty look; the photos below could inspire you.

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