Luxury Bathroom Washstands With Cabinets By GB NUove Linee Bagno

Luxury Bathroom Washstands

An interior designer always tries to combine the modern with the classic in order to come with innovative and original looks; that’s exactly what the Italian company GB NUove Linee Bagno did in its Artemide collection of bathroom furniture. It is focusing on a set consisting of a washbasin with its cabinets and its mirror; the innovation here is in the very shiny gold background behind the set which is a color usually used with the classic style, but this time the designer combined it with a modern color which is purple which covers the cabinets and the mirror frame. This combination creates an original contrast between the modern and classic styles, with additional touches matching with each of the two styles to give a harmony and to emphasize the intended contrast; for example the curved mirror frame with leaf details is very classic but covered with a modern purple color, also the sink is in a traditional brass color with an old style faucet but it looks modern in the same time because it’s set on a purple bathroom cabinet with a glossy black top. The cabinet is made of French polishing wood and its top is made of black Marquina marble, we can notice the thin vertical lines on the cabinet which are in gold color to match with the background. This set is actually too shiny for a bathroom, but gold color fans will definitely appreciate it.

bathroom furniture with gold finish artemide by gb nuove linee bagno 1bathroom furniture with gold finish artemide by gb nuove linee bagno 2bathroom furniture with gold finish artemide by gb nuove linee bagno 3

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