Luxurious Multilevel Residence: 9342 Sierra Mar, Hollywood-Hills by Whipple Russell Architects

Luxurious Multilevel Residence 9342 Sierra Mar Hollywood Hills By Whipple Russell Architects 1

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_1

Whipple Russell Architects wow us with another home of their offerings in Hollywood Hills. 9342 Sierra Mar is an ode of architectural seductiveness with provocative tones and polished lineation that can only be found in the Golden State.

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_2

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_3

Our curiosity is firstly peaked by the avant-garde floating effect created from teasing the borders of the home with the licking waves of a vibrantly toned sky-blue infinity pool. Floor-to-ceiling crystalline exposures give an unimpeded glimpse of the extravagant recreational expanse.

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_4

The plush living room offers us a brief siesta to enjoy the opulent earth-tone surroundings. The use of lavish furnishings and materials administers a level of hospitality that one might find at a five-star resort. Modest tract lighting, in black, is used in complement with the grand windows and sliding poolside doors.

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_5

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_21

The ancillary spaces off the home give way to more artistry as they house a recessed seating area for outdoor amusements.

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_6

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_7

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_10

The interior seating area emphasizes the modish allure of the rest of the home with hints of a western motif courtesy of the deep honey mahogany floors, and ceiling beams.

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_8

A galley styled kitchen allows for easy flow throughout the space, and the modern countertop planter gives a nod to the Asian flavors. The light colored wood veneers of the cabinetry brighten up the space considerably, while keeping its classic feel. Overhead cabinets sans fittings lend to the systemized design.

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_9

The master bedroom comes complete with its own seating area for relaxation and winding down the rest of the day. The floor-to-ceiling glass wall behind the headboard provides for a bird’s eye view of the downstairs area while keeping the privacy required for a boudoir.

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_11

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_15

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_16

As master bathrooms go, this bathroom would make my Top 10. With a spa-like atmosphere, the lighter earth tones play well with the natural lighting received from the exposures along the settee wall. The clever use of rolling towel racks instead of wall mounted structures allow for clean lines. A mosaic tiled wall opposite the double vanity introduces a unique character into the layout.

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_12

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_14

Bamboo accents trim the entry gate into our dream house giving us a hint of the stone and wood accents we will find behind the door.

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_13

A nice barbecue area is a must for all Southern California homes, and with its location just off the balcony, guests can appreciate the intoxicating aroma inside and outside the house.

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_17

Firstly, I have to say that the amenities in this home are phenomenal! Adjacent to the master bath is an interior home fitness center. With all the toys that a big boy or girl may want, there is no need for a gym membership. The use of leather materials in this space provides a masculinity that is not found in the bathroom styling.

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_18

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_22

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_19

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_20

An inside bar across from the sliding poolside doors allows for indoor/outdoor entertainment. Whether it’s an open well bar or an ice cream social, the guests at this affair are bound to have a good time.

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_23

Luxurious-Multilevel-Residence-9342-Sierra-Mar-Hollywood-Hills, By-Whipple-Russell-Architects_24

As the sun goes down on the Sierra Mar residence, we can see the signature large sculpted bowls of Marc Whipple filled with fire and vegetation.

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