Luminescent Bathtubs and Washbasins by Sopha Industries

Bathtubs and Washbasins

Colors have a big influence on our mood and even our health, which makes interior designers use colors in creative ways to come with new ideas that make you feel more comfortable and relax in your home. A good example for this is the new collection of bathtubs and washbasins by Sopha Industries called “Light” which reflects clearly its theme. The well known French company presents an original collection consisting of modern beautiful bathtubs and washbasins with a new feature which is the built-in lighting system. Bathtubs, as well as washbasins, are beautifully lighting thanks to the built-in 20W halogen lamps, either white or colored, integrated inside of each one. This system gives a good feeling and it is a kind of chromo-therapy which is a treatment technique that depends on the proprieties of colors to create a relaxing feeling. The collection contains different colors of bathtubs and washbasins such as white, orange, green and blue. Lighting green and blue washbasins are perfect to those people who like the futuristic look and love to add it to their bathrooms. Lighting bathtubs have a dimension of 175x85x60 cm with an overflow drain system and draining pipe. Washbasins are only available in 48×38 cm .

sopha light bathtub and washbasinsopha light green washbasinsopha light washbasinsopha light washbasin and bathtub

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