A new eau de parfum with its shower gel is released by diesel that has heart – shaped diamond pierced by an arrow for a symbolic resemblance, with intense shades of purple. It’s how you get what you want & get things done your way, it’s a deadly attraction in a bottle that will make them overdose on you. The people responsible for Loverdose are Honorine Blanc & Olivier Cresp who created this fatal attraction in 2011 with base notes that features the spellbinding warmth of vanilla infusion mingling with ambrox which give it a Creamy liquorice liqueur mixes with woody scents. Diesel alleged possessing secret molecules that stimulate hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for attraction & lust which makes the formula’s alchemy causes an addiction to absolute love, extreme passion & an irrational, uncontrollable enflaming of the senses.

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