Lovely Cats and Dogs Meeting Surprised Babies for The First Time [Video]

Cats and Dogs Meeting Adorable Babies for The First Time

We recently published a post with some stunning photographs of babies and dogs where we mentioned about the impact the arrival of a new baby can have on the family pet. Once the center of attention, whether it is the family dog or cat, the dynamics of the household are going to change drastically. However your dog or cat doesn’t have to be pushed to one side, and can just as easily be integrated into the new family unit rather than simply tolerated. Of course there may be certain breeds of dog that are not suitable for proximity to a newborn but we will leave it to you and we trust your judgment. If you are in any doubt, speak to your local veterinary nurse or animal behavior specialist who should be able to advise you. However if you are in any doubt about how your dog or cat may react to a new member of the household, perhaps watching these video clips will reassure you that it is a good idea after all.

What you will also see from this selection of videos is how close the supervision of these animals was. Of course you cannot guarantee how any animal will behave with the arrival of ‘something’ new, but making a fuss of your cat or dog, rather than the baby, will reassure them they are still important and that you won’t just stop loving overnight. What we also noticed was a clear and strong instinct dogs and cats have towards ‘their’ young, and that is to wash them, frequently. How quickly a few of these animals set to work on baby’s face, or head, just to make doubly sure all is clean. We just love videos like these as they are always so touching and heartwarming, so if you have anything like this you have recorded, do send it to us at Stylish Eve.

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