Lovely Bedrooms for Teenage Girls

Teenagers spend a lot of time in their bedrooms, and; therefore it must be well designed to satisfy them and make the room appealing to stay in it. Teenage girls are full of thoughts, creation, and cheerfulness, and that’s why their rooms should reflect that. A girl’s room has to be sweet, colorful, bright, and feminine, and that’s what this collection of girls’ bedrooms presents. All the bedrooms presented here are full of colors, and are well designed to be suitable for teenage girls. Bright colors dominate in these bedrooms; you can see pink, with its different hues, and also white a lot because they are always known to be girls’ best colors. Light blue and green are also amazing colors in girls’ rooms. The designs represent plain walls, while the bedding has a huge role in adding a lot of color to the overall look of the room. Bedding in various patterns and colors is used in almost all bedrooms, which really reflects a girlish style. You have to utilize the available space in order to supply your girl with all what she needs in her room without making it bulky or messy. Some of the smart ideas include having the bed with a small chest that includes some drawers for extra storage. But, if space allows, go for a separate chest of drawers which is excellent for storage.

A studying desk is very important in a girl’s room; therefore, get a practical desk which combines various shelves and drawers all in one unit so that your girl can keep all her school stuff in an organized way, and add a simple comfortable chair that can come in girlish colors too. You can also go for sofa beds especially those with an extra lower bed which is very practical when a friend is sleeping over with your girl. Complete the set of the room with a closet and a night stand that come in matching colors like those of the bed. Since girls love accessory, then their rooms must be well accessorized, and simple decorative touches become very important. Hang portraits on the wall, add stickers, get some plants, add nice rugs or curtains, put a lovely chair or ottoman in a printed pop color, and much more. Mirrors are also very essential in any girl’s bedroom, and there are different designs available now for girls and for a special touch, you can make a lovely frame for the mirror in pink or blue, for example. Finally, add some lamps, chandeliers, or lighting fixtures especially at the studying desk to ensure good lighting in the bedroom. Lamps and lighting fixtures can come in girlish colors with lovely patterns and can be decorated in a nice way, as well.

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