Long School Hairstyles 2013 for Girls

Long School Hairstyles 2013 for Girls

Long haired girls, raise your hands up in the air. Very good! Now, say with me the following sentence, “I’m going to be the school diva this year!” I do imagine some of you saying, ” What are you saying?! I’m already a diva!” Okay, young ladies, I’m sure that most, if not all, of you are divas, but it was… Actually, what am I doing? Pretties, let’s forget about this nonsense discussion and start doing what we came to do today. Which is? I guess that it’s so obvious that we’re going to present a collection of the trendiest hairstyles that you can pick from and wear on any school day in 2013. Happy to hear that, aren’t you?!

What are the first long hairstyles that may come across your minds when you read the word ‘school’? Our precious readers think and answer! Mm, I guess that this question is tricky and sort of difficult, isn’t it?! As there are many hairstyles that may come across our minds in such a case. For example, you may think of either a braid or a ponytail hairdo; both of them are so popular among teen girls. Also, you may think of a half up-half down do, right? Of course! Okay, you need to know an important thing at this moment, which is that the last mentioned three school hairstyles are so trendy in 2013. This means that you can pull off any style, wear it and catch all the eyes with your spectacular and alluring look. And yes, young ladies, the question wasn’t just tricky, but deceitful as well!

Anyways, the next hairstyles that you can opt for this year are the buns. Let me tell you that wearing any style of bun, especially the classic or spiral ones, can be your last minute solution, as all you have to do is tie your long hair into a ponytail, wrap it and fix it with clips or an elastic band then go catch your school bus. Is there anything easier than that?! I think that there is, but let’s reveal it after the next sentence. Besides the buns, there’s still a wide range of updos, which are so glamorous and sexy, in front of you to pick from and sport such as the braided, rolled, twisted or other ones. In addition to the last mentioned, you can opt for any style of down do starting from the sleek straight, curly and wavy to the messy and grungy ones; all of them are so ‘in’ this year and have a very sexy and gorgeous look. By the way, wearing flowing locks is an easier solution than updo-ing your long hair in any way!

There’s an important thing that you need to know before the farewell. Yes, precious fans, we’re done! This thing is that if you want to get a punk and so-wild look in 2013, you can easily shave part of your hair at any side or maybe both sides of your head! I’m sure that you’re going to turn all heads with that rocking look! Is there anything else left for us to say? I guess not. So, let’s wish you a successful, joyful year and say goodbyes!

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_01

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_02

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_07

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_08

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_09

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_15

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_25

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_26

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_27

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_28

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_03

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_04

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_05

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_06

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_10

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_11

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_12

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_13

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_14

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_16

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_17

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_18

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_19

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_20

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_21

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_22

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_23

Long School-Hairstyles-2013-for-Girls_24

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