Long Hairstyles for Men

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In the past years, if not decades, men usually had short or medium haircuts. You can say that it was like a fact that can’t be ever changed!!! or like there was an agreement made between the men and both of those haircuts, especially the short haircut!!. Any way, it was very rare to see a man with long haircut and by long I mean that the length of the hair is going further to cover the ears, to reach the shoulder or even longer than the shoulder line too.. It was very weird look for a man to have. I see that some modern men are asking why??!!!.. Okay, just imagine with me a man with very long, long, long hair taking a walk in the 1920s or 1930s or 1940s,…1960s eras!!!!, can you imagine what would be said about him?? What would be done to him??. The long haircut for the men in the past decades were very sassy look for a man to have, in their opinions he’d look like a woman more than a man!!.. All of that had been changed since the 1970s era.. As we all know that the 70s introduced every thing that had been an odd or weird thing before and that’s because of the hippie!!.. Since then, men have got the boldness to wear such a haircut and it turned to be a trend among the men with different cultures.. So, as usual the hair industry makers have concluded such a haircut into their considerations and produced many hairstyles for that long haircuts. Since that moment, a lot of men hairstyles have been popped on the surface for the long haircut. So, let’s take a look on those hairstyles and see how they look like?!.. One of the most trendy long hairstyles for men recently are the ponytail hairstyles!!.. The ponytails hairstyles are very simple and modern hairstyles, but not all the men with long haircuts wear them.. Men can get that look either by pulling their hair to the back and then tie it with an elastic band or they can simply part their hair into two parts; one at the top and the other at bottom while tying the top part with an elastic band and leaving the bottom part flowing.. Some celebrity have worn such a hairstyles like Brad Pit and David Beckham.. Another long hairstyles for men are the long curly hairstyles.. Those hairstyles are very trendy those days. Those are very simple and easy to do hairstyles. Men can get that look by just wetting their hair, then using the curl mousse or the gel on their hair and finally use the anti-frizz to keep on the look.. Just it, so easy and trendy.. Those curly hairstyles are considered as one of those natural looking hairstyles. Those hairstyles have many looks like the tight curly hairstyles, medium curly hairstyles and the loose curly hairstyles.. So, beside being natural hairstyles, they are very versatile and diverse hairstyles.There are also the long  mullet hairstyles which are very trendy and popular hairstyles among men with long haircuts.. Those hairstyles are one of those hairstyles which appeared in the 1970s and continued with us… Another long hairstyles are the short top-long back hairstyles. From their names, you can get that those hairstyles are definitely the opposite of the longer top-short hairstyles. If you can’t get the way they look, I’ll tell.. Those hairstyles have the following look; long hair at the back of the head while having shorter hair on the top of the head.. Those hairstyles are common and trendy among men and they consider them as one of the most modern and casual long hairstyles… Another long hairstyles which are the long bob hairstyles. Those types of hairstyles have appeared on the stage of the hairstyling for all the haircuts not only the long haircuts. They have very stylish and cool look. There are various forms of those hairstyles like the inverted long bob  hairstyles and asymmetrical long bob  hairstyles. Beside the last mentioned hairstyles, there are the long layered hairstyles. Those hairstyles are very trendy those days among the men.. In those hairstyles, the long hair is being cut into layers and that adds a lot of volume to the man’s hair.. The last long hairstyles to talk about are the braids hairstyles… Yeah, men can wear the braids too, that’s very known hairstyles.. Those hairstyles have been produced by the African-American men.. But they aren’t just being worn by the African-American men. There are various braids hairstyles for men with long haircuts like; the dreadlocks braids hairstyles and the cornrows braids hairstyles… I think those are the suitable and available hairstyles for the men’s long haircuts.. Those hairstyles are very versatile, trendy, elegant and casual hairstyles.. So, if you were a man who already have long haircut, but don’t change the way you look, you can start now.. Also, if you were a man who just thinks to grow his hair but has some fears to have a feminine look or sassy look, as you see that the long hairstyles are very boyish even they’re long!!!.. Another thing, you can go any where with your long haircuts whether you’re going to formal, less formal or casual event as you can always find the suitable long hairstyle for you… Finally, I’ll tell you to be bold, wear what you like and show the others how glamorous you’re with any look..

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