Loewe Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

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Unlike the other fashion houses, Loewe fashion house has released a quite small, but elegant and glamorous fall/winter 2012 menswear collection. The designer behind that collection is Stuart Vevers who is the creative designer of Loewe fashion house. To produce such an elegant and classy collection, Vevers has relied on using a luxurious group of fabrics and colors. Concerning the colors, the designer has used chocolate brown, dark blue and black. On the other hand, the designer has relied on using the richest and most luxurious fabrics like; leather, velvet, sheepskin and cashmere wool. Those colors and fabrics have been the main reason of the elegance that has appeared in the collection. So, what about the reason of making a small collection?! The main reason for that is that the designer has mainly concentrated on the men’s outwears! He’s tended to produce only the rare and luxurious outwear that can catch the eyes of any man regardless of his age! The most elegant and luxurious fashion trends that have been presented by Loewe fashion house for that winter & fall seasons are the jackets which have been mostly made of either velvet or leather. Besides that, the collection has also presented the velvet shirts which have come in the luxurious chocolate brown color. That’s besides the denim and pleat-front pants.. Besides those luxurious and elegant fashion trends, Loewe fall/winter 2012 menswear collection has also included the manly version of the women’s Amazona bags which have been presented in different colors. That’s it! I’ve finished, I told you it’s quite small! Despite that, don’t forget that it’s full of so elegant and luxurious fashion trends that force any man to be attracted without even feeling! So, I can’t tell you and any other man except one thing; “How elegant you’d look this fall/winter season with such stunning pieces?!”..

Loewe Fall Winter 2012 Collection for Men 1

Loewe Fall Winter 2012 Collection for Men 2

Loewe Fall Winter 2012 Collection for Men 3

Loewe Fall Winter 2012 Collection for Men 4

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