Lively Teen Bedrooms

When designing the room of your teen, you can’t make it in the style of your own master bedroom. The room can’t have a serious design or decoration because this will be very boring for teens. On the contrary, teens’ rooms must be full of colors with unique touches that can really reflect their young and cheerful personalities. This collection includes some amazing bedrooms for teens that are really lively, full of colors, and cheerful in a unique way that your teen will love. You can use the perfect mix between hot pink and grey; these two colors really look amazing together if used in the right tones, but since hot pink is a pop color, just use it in some details that reflect a vivid overall look without making the color overly used. This room uses hot pink only in the shelves distributed against the wall, and in the body of the bed, so that the room becomes enlightened by it but not in an exaggerated way.

Grey was used on the walls to balance the effect of hot pink, and a theme was used on two separate parts of the wall having the alphabetic letters spread in the whole place which reflects a really unique touch that’s perfect for teens. This room had other colors used in it through the stuff held on the shelves, a black desk chair, and a nice shag rug in very light grey. The overall look of the room is very balanced, and the colors were used in a really smart way. Another design includes having amazing wallpaper on the walls in a soft, pale purple color which makes the room very feminine and cheerful, and the same theme of the wallpaper was used on the chair of the desk, but this time it comes in a pop fuchsia color to add some color beside the pale purple used on the walls, and the same fabric of the chair was used to make nice pillows on the bed which look really amazing. This room is well organized where the bed was added to a corner of the room with shelves hanging against the wall above it, and a shelving system beside it in a decorative manner. The desk is smartly designed taking the dimensions of the room to seize the space, and a closet was placed beside it with mirror doors to give the illusion of a wider space.

Many decorative accessories were added in this room, like this lovely ottoman that comes in the same theme and color of the walls, a lovely bird’s statue, and an amazing chandelier that comes in pale pink color, the whole design of the room is really unique. The previous rooms are perfect for girls as the colors used are so feminine. While if you want amazing ideas for boys, go for bolder colors like dark grey with its different hues, black, red, and others. Stone is amazing when it is used on walls, and it reflects a really bold look to the room that teen boys will certainly love. Use black and white furniture with grey walls, add maybe a red pillow to give a pop touch to the room, and the ambiance will be perfect. Add wallpaper with a theme of his favorite band to give him that special touch. Rugs and curtains aid in the overall look of the room; add them in matching colors to complete the decoration of the room. The ideas are endless, and you can take whatever idea that you like and make the room of your own taste as long as it’s decorative and beautifully designed for a teen.

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