Lipstick Lock by Rimmel London

Rimmel got you a lip top coat so your lips would be sealed for more of a longer lasting color so you’d stay sexy during your whole day, which means that you can now eat with style without having to worry about your lipstick fading, or even worry about lipstick stains. Red, pink, maroon or whatever color you wear, it can be protected safely without affecting on its color, shade or shine with the lipstick lock because its transparent non smudging color guarantees smooth finish for your lips, kissable & eatable lips that doesn’t print its lip color on others. It’s all set & ready for you, all you need to do is just go for it & wear your heart on your sleeve & make your lips shine & sparkle, and it’ll reflect lights & steal their hearts. Put on your favorite lipstick & wear over it the Rimmel lip top coat & go out, in anytime; day or night.

Lipstick Lock by Rimmel London 1

Lipstick Lock by Rimmel London 2

Lipstick Lock by Rimmel London 3

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