Lip Liners by Rimmel London

Draw your lips & make them look like they’ve just been touched by Picasso. The Rimmel lip liners & pencils make you have total control over your lips & it will make you wear your lipstick a lot easier as it’ll prevent your lipstick from getting out of the line, this way you’ll lips will be looking neat & chic. Rimmel offers you Exaggerate Automatic Lip Liner “soft textured, fine tipped that gives full volume & color definition” & Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Liner “soft creamy texture glides on precisely to the lips with rich vibrant color that blends easily”, both are great & designed for you, so you’d have different options to suit your comfort.Unique colors such as; Indian pink, tiramisu, cappuccino, red dynamite, spice, cocoa mandoria, black tulip, addiction, epic, ultimate, obsession, red diva & eastend snob, as you can see their names pretty much describe their effect & their inspiration, so next time you wear Rimmel’s lip liner, you’ll notice those symptoms on people as you walk by.

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