Lil Mama New Hair Color 2012

Supremely sexy and eye catching, isn’t it? Why are you wondering? Our precious readers, I’m talking about the new hair color debuted recently by the famous American rapper and singer Niatia Jessica Kirkland, or aka Lil Mama. What?!! Why are you shocked? Oh, haven’t you seen it or even heard about it? Mmm, it’s so obvious that the answer is no! So let me tell you all its details. Kirkland turned all heads with her glamorous and elegant blonde hair while attending the 2012 Soul Train Awards since a few weeks ago. Yes, ladies, she’s walked on the same path of some stars, such as Jessica Alba, and traded her hot brunette locks for much hotter, gorgeous, yet shinier blonde ones. Okay, let me admit it! I’m so, so happy to see Lil Mama update her 2012’s lookbook with such a hair color, but is my opinion important? Of course it is, but yours is much more important than mine! Thus, tell us: what do you think of this new color? Do you love it or not?



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