Les Eaux Perfumes by Guerlain

Guerlain first launched Les Eaux line back in 1853, when Pierre Francois Pascal Guerlain created Les Eaux Eau de Cologne Imperiale which was created for the Empress Eugenie of France, then became the royal perfume in all the European royal courts, & the perfume was distinguished by its citrusy aroma that came from the top notes of orange, citruses, lemon verbena, neroli, bergamot & lemon, then spiced & based with rosemary, tonka bean & cedar, which all when mixed together, gives it a refreshing classic scent.

Later on, in 1894, Aime Guerlain Les Eaux Eau de Cologne Du Coq, & it’s said that the perfume was created for the French actor Benoît-Constant Coquelin, who was a friend of Aimé Guerlain, hence – Du Coq. Guerlain Du Coq has a light refreshing aroma, that’s composed of the citrusy top notes of orange, citruses, neroli, bergamot & lemon, then sweetened with the middle notes of patchouli, lavender & Jasmine, then based & spiced with the notes of sandalwood & oak moss. As the year passed by, & Les Eaux reserved its place, Jacques Guerlain launched another Les Eaux perfume in 1920; Les Eaux Eau de Fleurs de Cedrat, which also has a strong citrus scent that are made from the notes of cedar, bergamot & lemon, which were inspired by Jacques travels along the Riviera.

In 1974, the last Les Eaux edition was Eau de Guerlain, which was created by Jean Paul Guerlain, & what’s different about this fragrance is that it’s spicier than the other perfumes in addition to the citrusy aromas, as part of its top notes is Basil & fruity notes, blended with the middles notes of mint, lavender, sandalwood, caraway & other flowers, then based with the notes of neroli, oakmoss, musk & amber, which all contribute in making this edition more different & full of different blends that give the perfume a spicy yet citrusy & floral scent. Les Eaux collection is a light fragranced collection with a lot of citrusy blends that will refresh your senses & make you feel alive, especially at daytime while it’s sunny & hot, & you’re looking for a way to stay chic & sharp.

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