Lena Dunham New Haircut 2012

Yet another star walks on the same road! Have you understood anything from the last sentence? Of course not, I know. And I can imagine some of you secretly saying to themselves right now; ‘Which road?, whom is she talking about? and what does she mean?’. Okay, would you please give me time and space to clarify what I mean? The sentence I said at the beginning is nothing more than a way to catch your attention and tell you that there’s another female star that has done a drastic hair makeover. Yeah, ladies, another one! I think that we should expect more ones to do the same thing in the next few months of 2012. Oops, I forgot to tell you that the star whom we’re talking about is the filmmaker and actress Lena Dunham.

I hear some of you say; ‘Okay, Dunham is the one, so what?’. Although I didn’t like your voice tone, let me tell you what sort of makeover the ‘Girls’ series creator has opted for. But before doing so, allow me to ask you a question which is; ‘Do you remember what the color of our star’s hair was?’. Brunette, isn’t it? Yeah? You have to know that she hasn’t dyed it. Caught you, didn’t I?! Okay, my dear readers forget about both of the last lame joke and the stunning actress’s medium hair locks. Yup, she’s followed the leads of Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and the others who have recently done the same thing. Let me tell you that Lena has opted for wearing a short cropped haircut! Shocking, isn’t it?

There’s an important thing that you need to know about that cut which is that it looks approximately the same like the one worn by Cyrus. And let me tell you that when the ‘Girls’ series’ creator cut her hair, she said that ‘I Miley’d it!’. But despite that they seem so similar for many; I feel that they’re not! What I want to say is that both cuts may have some things in common, but still the one worn by Miley is edgier than the one worn by Dunham. That’s just it; I think that we’re going to conclude our topic with that opinion. That means that I have to tell you goodbyes and see you in another time! Don’t forget that we’re waiting for your opinion about that new haircut.

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