Leighton Meester New Haircut 2012

Leighton Meester New Haircut 2012

Hello, hello, our precious readers, how are you? I hope that all of you are super fine! Okay, after this short virtual welcoming party, let’s say goodbyes! Hey, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean that you’re going to say it to me or vice versa. Of course not, how come?! Instead, we are going to say goodbyes to Leighton Meester’s long hair locks. Exactly, she’s chopped them off!

The gorgeous star has revealed her new short bob haircut since a few days ago, specifically just after filming her final scenes for the last season of the “Gossip Girl” series. I can imagine some of you telling themselves; “Last what? and what? She’s opted for a bobbed hair!!” Ladies and gentlemen, forget about your shock and allow me to tell you why Leighton has done that drastic makeover.

Meester has cut her shiny long locks for nothing but updating her look. Let’s say that our beloved singer and actress felt that 2012 is the perfect year to make a change or something! By now, you’ve known almost everything related to the star’s makeover, starting from what sort of ‘dos she has debuted to when and why she’s done so. The only thing that we haven’t known is your opinion! Yeah, sunshines, you should tell us; do you love or loathe Leighton’s short bobbed hair?



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