Layered Hairstyles for Men

Trendy, cool yet versatile to go with any look you’d like to create, from casual to classic or even messy, it’ll give you the texture & hair thickness you need to say who you are, with the look that suits you the most whether you have; wavy, straight or curly hair, short, medium or long cut. Different haircuts for distinguished fashionable men that gives you the modern look with that can change your whole appearance in seconds & give you a whole different style; long from the top with short sides, medium layer cut with detailed finishing or feathered layers with bangs & side cuts. Sports man or a businessman, let your hair speak for you, let them know you’re not like everyone else, handsome & all about business & action while maintaining your sexy side not so deep down. Leave them wanting more with layers in any hair length are easy to fix & re-shape into many hairstyles.

layered for men 02

layered for men 03

layered for men 01

layered for men 14

layered for men 12

layered for men 15

layered for men 10

layered for men 13

layered for men 08

layered for men 11

layered for men 07

layered for men 09

layered for men 04

layered for men 071

layered for men 05

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