Laundry Room of HGTV Dream Home 2013

Laundry Room of HGTV Dream Home 2013 1

Want to see a great idea for laundry rooms?? HGTV Dream Home 2013 is one of the best when it comes to the design of a laundry room. The space of the room is not large, but it is totally functional and has been designed to achieve its purpose perfectly in a neat way and inviting colors. The color palette used in most of the house uses degrees of blue, and in this room the walls are painted in a very bright and intense coastal blue. You’ll find a washer and a dryer placed just beside each other, which really makes the whole process quite easy and makes you finish all your steps while standing in the same place.

Moreover, there’s a sink vanity that includes a cabinet where you can store the stuff that you need to keep the room organized, neat, and clean. For extra storage and a smart use of the space, you will also find wall cabinets that give you a great space for more storage purposes. Colorful towels give a bright accent to the room, and the window lets sun shine the room!! The room is totally amazing and gathers everything you need in such a functional way. Check out the pictures for great details and get inspired for your next laundry room design!!

Laundry-Room-of- HGTV-Dream- Home-2013_1

Laundry-Room-of- HGTV-Dream- Home-2013_2

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