Laundry Room Design Ideas by Electrolux

Laundry Room Design

Have you ever thought of decorating your laundry room? Maybe it’s the last place in the home that you would think of its decoration, but since you spend a lot of time in this room doing laundry and ironing, you deserve to feel comfortable in it. By some few touches you can transform this room to an amusing place instead of a boring one. Electrolux, the popular producer of home appliances, offers some practical and beautiful designs for laundry rooms. In the beginning you have to install the necessary and basic appliances such as a washer, a dryer and an iron with an ironing board. Now, to turn it into a comfortable place, add an LCD and a comfortable couch or chair according to your space. You may also need a small coffee table to use it if you want to drink or eat something. For more functionality, try to add cabinets as much as you can to provide space for a maximum storage. You can also add a closet beside the ironing area. Some simple and cheap touches are able to change the entire look; for example wallpapers in delightful colors can be used to add a shiny look to the laundry room. Those creative designs presented by Electrolux will make you feel comfortable like if you were in your living room. It also provides to the modern housewife the practical and smart usage she is looking for.

electrolux big laundry roomelectrolux laundry room 1electrolux laundry room 2electrolux laundry room 3

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