Las Vegas De Chanel Makeup Collection Review

Golden Glamour is knocking on your door with Chanel’s Las Vegas collection, as it brings you the night life of Las Vegas, the gambling spirit of its Casinos, the edgy kick of its parties & the shimmering glamour of its essence that you’ll feel as you have the Las Vegas makeup items. Chanel got you a set of gold makeup items that match each other to create the whole Las Vegas look, that’s perfect for evenings & night glamour, whether you wear it to parties or match it with other items to have a subtle look for day time activities. The Las Vegas De Chanel Makeup collection includes Chanel’s iridescent powder for eyes & cheeks Lucky Stripes that’s embossed with the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” stars & consists of variable tones & colors that can be used separately or blended together to highlight & sculpt the face. You’ll also find Chanel’s Le Vernis in Gold Fingers edition that was designed specifically for Las Vegas De Chanel collection, so you’d be able to have the whole playful sexy look with the golden fingertips & toes.

For Las Vegas De Chanel Lips you’ll find two essential items like Chanel’s hydrating sheer lipshine Rouge Coco Shine in the limited edition shade Brillant, that Chanel said “they got inspired by the opulence of a gilded city in the desert”, as for the second part that compliments your lips even more & matches the Rouge Coco Shine, Chanel’s precision lip definer Le Crayon Levres in Vegas Gold shade, that will give you the fuller lips effect, & for extra precision you’ll find an application brush, this way you have the complete tools you need that will make every word that’s coming out of your mouth sound like a magic spell. Las Vegas is about adventures, romance, luck & desire, & Chanel wants you to have it all, you’ll look like a priceless pot of gold that shines & radiates from miles away.

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