Lady Gaga New Haircut 2012

Okay, it became official to me that 2012 is the year of shocks! For sure, many of you know that there’s no reason to make me say so except the semi daily shocking hair makeovers done by the female stars like; Miley Cyrus, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, and even Lena Dunham besides many others! Let me tell you that today is certainly the day to add the name of Lady Gaga to that list. Yeah, ladies, she’s done that too! I do imagine some of you saying; “Expected! Guys, she’s Gaga!” My dear readers, I’m fully aware that our beloved singer has never stopped shocking us by playing with her hair, but let me tell you that this time isn’t like the previous ones.

I think that the most dominating question right now is; “What has she opted for?” Right? Of course, it is! Before telling you what she did to her long hair, allow me to tell you a piece of advice which is to stand up in front of a wall or sit down, which I think is the best solution! Okay, hold your nerves, I’m going to say it! Lady Gaga has opted for shaving the hair at the back of her head!! Extremely shocking, isn’t it? I told you! After now, when you take a look at the back of the ‘Born this way’ singer’s head, you’re going to see a triangular section of her hair shaven off while the rest of it, the hair, is still the same! I’m just trying to give you a clear idea about what you’re about to see in the attached pictures below. “How did we know about that drastic makeover?” and “Why did she do such a thing?” are the questions that we’re going to answer in the next section. So read on!

Concerning how, I have to tell you that the singer has revealed her new haircut through her Twitter and Facebook accounts. And of course, you can imagine what happened to her fans after seeing it! Anyways, concerning the second question which is why, I have to tell you that she didn’t do that just for fun or to jazz her look up. No, no, ladies, she did it this time to show her support to her friend Terry Richardson whose mom has died recently. Don’t believe me? Then, look at her twitter/ Facebook account or even her blog and you’re going to find that she said ”I did it for u Terry. I’m sorry about ure mommy. She has princess die, but were all princess high (sic)”. Actually, what a way to support her! Now, I’m going to leave you with one question which is; “do you think that she’d regret doing so and opt for wearing a wig to hide it?!”

Lady Gaga New Haircut 2012 1

Lady Gaga New Haircut 2012 2

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