Kylie Jenner Goes Back To Black Hue!!


Oh, yeah!! Kylie Jenner‘s done what she wanted to do with her hair! Which is what? Oops, you haven’t been paying attention, have you? Don’t you remember what this beautiful, young trendsetter tweeted on June 20? Then let me remind you: Wantingg to dye my hair black again.


Huh??? Is it coming back to you now? Well, she’s done it! Yes, precious reader, Kylie has made the big move, ditched her fabulous ombré locks, and gone back to black. Why? Just to keep up with 2013’s summer hair color trends! The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star showed off her newly dyed tresses on her Instagram account on June 25, posting a couple of pictures with the captions: && I go back to black and I love you more.

You should know that the unknown soldier responsible for Jenner’s gorgeous new hair is George Papanikolas…the Kardashians’ favorite stylist ever! Now, tell us, Stylisheves: What do you think of Kylie’s dramatic makeover? Is it HOT or not?

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