Korean Hairstyles

Korean Hairstyles for men

Recently, Korean men become more interested in getting the perfect look like any other men in the whole world. That’s why, day by day, they are getting more interested in any thing concerning the fashion and the beauty world. Since the Korean man’s hair is part of his look, he has became aware that he needs to take care of it. So, the Korean men are always in the mood of search!!. They’re searching for popular, trendy, stylish and modern hairstyles. The Korean men like any other Asian men, have hair with certain and different hair nature from the other men’s hair. I can hear you say “How come???!”, I’ll tell you, that Korean hair is very thick, weight, ultra-straight textured and silk too. The whole last features of that hair have made up an important advantage which is the Versatility of the Korean men’s hair.  Thus, there are many styles for the Korean men’s hair. There are hairstyles for every Korean man with any age, any hair color or any haircut. So, that’s made the Korean man very free to choose what suits him?, to change his look periodically and to keep on his stylish look. That’s let’s us see what are those options? and what are those Korean men’s hairstyles?.. With much abbreviation, let’s discover them!!… Let’s start with the short hairstyles and end with the long hairstyles, Okay??!.. Truly I’ll make the opposite!!.. The long hair has known to be like a friend or very best friend to the Korean men. The Korean men have tended to grow their hair to be shoulder-length hair or even longer since the past decades. You can say that the long hair is a part of the Korean men’s culture!!… There are many hairstyles for that type of haircut. For example, Korean men can wear the ponytail hairstyles and they’d worn them in the past decades.. Yup, don’t wonder? they are wearing a ponytail!!.. Another hairstyles for the long haircut are the long layered hairstyles. In that hairstyles, Korean men have layers in their hair which can give them very trendy and modern look. Korean men with long haircut can also wear the loose straight hairstyles, the wavy hairstyles and the shaggy hairstyles… Next comes the Korean men’s hairstyles for the medium haircut. Many Korean men like to have such a haircut nowadays as it looks very stylish and has a lot of flexibility than the long haircut. They consider those haircut as the in-between haircuts… The possible hairstyles for that type of haircut are;  the medium bob hairstyles, the under cut hairstyles m the wedge cut hairstyles and the layered hairstyles. There are also the textured medium hairstyles presented by the Korean star John Cho. Those hairstyles have very sophisticated, stylish and modern look. Those types of hairstyles can be worn by the professional Korean as well as the regular man who wants to have a modern and charming intelligent look…. Lastly comes the case of  a Korean man wearing the short haircut. Those haircuts are well-known as simple, easy to maintain and also stylish haircuts. There are various hairstyles to be worn by the Korean men with such a haircut.. One of the very trendy short hairstyles are the total shaved or the bald head hairstyles. Those hairstyles can be created by shaving all your head… Those hairstyles give any man wearing them the most confident and determined look. You can say that those hairstyles are suitable for the serious and professional men. Those hairstyles become very trendy among the Korean men and one of the Korean celebrity who wore them is Mark Dacascos. Korean men with short haircut can also wear the crew cut hairstyle, the buzz-cut hairstyles, the flattop-hairstyles and also the heavy-top short hairstyles. Those hairstyles are very trendy among the whole men not only the Koreans… Another short hairstyles are the short shaggy hairstyles, the curly hairstyles and the short textured hairstyles.. Those last mentioned short hairstyles are the most trendy hairstyles among the Korean men.. Ops, I forgot to mention the spiky hairstyles!!.. Those spiky hairstyles can be worn by the Korean men with different haircuts; long, short or medium. There are two versions of such a hairstyle which are very trendy; the Faux spiky hairstyles and the Mohawk hairstyles.. Beside all the last mentioned Korean hairstyles for men, there are also those hairstyles which are presented by the Korean celebrity. Korean men are like any men of any culture are influenced by their pop Korean stars, the rock bands or the actors… Korean men can wear any of those stylish hairstyles in any event whether it’s formal, less formal or even casual event. So, my dear Korean man, wear and prepare!!.

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