Korean Hairstyles for Women

Korean Hairstyles for women

Okay, today I’ve decided to take all of you with me to Korea… What?? Korea had been split!!,, okay, It won’t really make any difference to us.. We are just going there to take a look on the Korean women hairstyles. Okay?!, let’s start.. The Korean women are known with their cute, soft and sweet beauty. Korean women have certain face shape which is either the oval or the diamond face shape. Also, they have certain hair nature which may be similar to  the hair nature of the other Asian women like; the Japanese or the Chinese women, but it may also seem odd to other women from other continents. Korean women have been known by their so soft, silk and thick hair. The Korean hairstyles for women can be categorized into those traditional women’s hairstyles and those trendy and modern women hairstyles. We shall take a sneaky look on both of them. Okay?, let’s start with those traditional Korean hairstyles for women, which had been worn by Korean women in the past. It’s so rare to see any modern Korean women wearing such a hairstyle  nowadays. You can only see those hairstyles worn by the Korean Actresses in any historical series or movies. And you can see them also in the museums.  One of those traditional Korean hairstyles is the Daeng’gi Meori (댕기머리) hairstyle.  The Daeng’gi Meori is known as one of the most classic Korean women’s hairstyles and it had been worn by the women in the 1960s. So, how did that hairstyle look like?? The women’s hair had been braided into a single long braid and then accented with a very bright colored-ribbon, called daeng’gi, at the end. A very weird thing about those hairstyles, that they had been worn by the unmarried women only!!.. No married women could have worn such a hairstyles.. In my personal point of view, I think that despite its weirdness, it seems a very smart touch. Why??! as by that way the married and the unmarried women are known and by that way, none would tell an unmarried woman “Madam”!!. Any way, just forget that none sense words I said.. There had been another version of that hairstyles called the Bae’ssi (배씨) hairstyles. In those hairstyles, women had worn two bright colored ribbons, one at the top of the head and one at the end of her braid.  Another traditional Korean hairstyles are the Jjokjin Meori (쪽진 머리) hairstyles. Those hairstyles had been worn by the married women!!. Women had got that hairstyles by; first parting and holding down the front part of the hair and then tying it into a bun in the back of the neck. Women used pins and different accessories on those hairstyles. The last traditional Korean hairstyles for women to talk about is the Eo’yeo Meori (어여머리) hairstyles.  Those hairstyles had very luxurious look and they had been worn by the women living in the palace like the Queen and the wives of the kings. Anyway, those hairstyles had been made mostly of the wigs. By that way, we’ve finished our sneaky look on those traditional hairstyles.  Let’s move from the past to our present.  Korean women, nowadays, tend to wear much simpler hairstyles than their mothers or grandmothers’ had worn.. That’s mainly because of the fast rhythm of the life. The modern Korean women’s hairstyles can suit all the women with any age or any hair color. Also, Korean women have  various hairstyles for the long, medium and the short haircuts. You can see that Korean women with short hairstyles, mostly wear the short bob hairstyles. They can wear the one length bob hairstyles, the asymmetrical bob hairstyles or the rounded bob hairstyles. Those are very trendy and popular hairstyles. They also have that soft and stylish look.  On the other hand, if the Korean women has a medium or long hairstyles, there are very trendy and stylish hairstyles for those haircuts. In either cases, women can wear the loose straight hairstyles, the soft wavy hairstyles, the loose curly hairstyles, the bun hairstyles and the braids hairstyles. Those hairstyles have very trendy, stylish and feminine looks. So, a Korean woman can have many different looks for her daily life. Before I go , I want to say that if any other women who are not Asian wants to have any of the last hairstyles, unfortunately she can’t just wear it. Honey, life isn’t always such that easy. To wear such a hairstyles, you must have certain face shape and certain hair nature. If you’ve the both, then you can easily wear them and get the same gorgeous and soft look of the Korean women. Now, I think I’ve to say ” 작별 인사 ” or “GoodByes”.

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