Kitchen of the Future Ideas By Gorenje

Gorenje, the famous brand specialized in producing high quality domestic appliances founded in 1950, never ceases to amaze us. After the great success of its collection “Old Timer”, the leading brand presents its version of the “kitchen of the future”: a mix of technology and ease of use. In perpetual evolution, Gorenje products always combine modern design and high technology while keeping on the unique expertise of the brand. With more than 60 years of experience, Gorenje has emerged in the appliance industry by developing high quality products; original and environmentally friendly. The brand is indeed very concerned about protecting the planet; all its products are made of recyclable materials by industrial processes that preserve the natural environment. The products are also manufactured with great attention to be very economical in terms of water and electricity consumption. Gorenje is constantly improving the aesthetic advantages of its products by working with the great names in contemporary designs like Karim Rashid and Ora-Ito. Minimalism and simplicity of use are a must for each product line launched over the years. The technology is also dominant in Gorenje’s new kitchen design called “Kitchen of the future” in order to make life easier; like the touch screens on the refrigerator’s door tell us what the various products available in the refrigerator are, the sensor touch keys allow us to control the induction stove, and the oven door remains tempered, even when the oven itself is hot! What more could the modern housewife ask for? If you are interested in Gorenje domestic appliance innovations, you will find all the latest brand lines at

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