Kipling Messengers for Women

Kipling Handbags in with a new twist in them… bringing back the messengers style, from the times where the messenger bags were only carried by mail men, they re-shaped it with funky hip style, it’s vintage coolness, with rustic blazing colors aside from the colors that Kipling offer us, they have the new Desert city & Blaze silver that add a seriously chic & edgy look, specially with the puffed Cristela Handbag with its flap & double clips, it’s cool & says I’m here to work but I’m also living with style. This collection has the serious business look with their trendy in style designs, with cross-body adjustable shoulder straps, you can wear it the way you want it whether you wear it over one shoulder or you wear it cross your body, fits day or night, while you go to work, school carrying your papers & files or laptop or just a simple day out with your friends, either ways, you’ll be satisfied with the Kipling messengers & the outstanding fashionable look they add to your life style.






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