Kipling Cases & Pouches

Organize your self, by organizing your bag, to have your things at your reach at all times. It’s designed for your convenience, whether you need it to hold your makeup, coins, pens/pencils, phone or camera. Kipling is there for you to state your thoughts & show off your funky style without words. Colors & prints to impress you, to give them the extra zesty look. Cosmetic bags or pen cases are both durable & great for storing all your thin essentials & items. Pouches for safely guarding your important possessions. Fabrics that doesn’t wear off or fade in color that are suitable for every person, every style, every use, every time & every where. Whether you are a traveler, student, an artist or just fashionista, you’ll be pleased. Ever needed to put all of your things inside your pants’ pockets instead walking with a bag over your shoulders, well the belt bags & waist bags give you the option to just put all your essentials around your waist with its adjustable waist strap, it’s a controllable bag according to your mood & outfit, they’re perfect for summertime, jogging & many other occasions. As for the Coin purses & Pencil cases, they are your hip funky savior from messy bags or scattered pencils & coins, their purses help you have an organized interior, with slots & pockets for coins, bills or cards, & their pencil cases help you in holding all your pencils, brushes, markers, any school items or even makeup.















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