Kim Kardashian New Hairdo 2013

Kim Kardashian New Hairdo 2013 1

Hello, our precious readers, are you ready to read about a new celebrity hair makeover? Again! Isn’t it too much?! Hmm. Actually, it may be too much, but these are Hollywood stars whom we’re talking about, which makes it almost normal. Anyway, let’s quit this discussion and concentrate on our work. The celeb who has recently opted for a new hair transformation is the gorgeous Reality star Kim Kardashian. Has she chopped off her long tresses?! Nope, my dear ladies, the mom to be has neither cut nor dyed her long hair.

Yes, she hasn’t done this or that. Okay, I know that you are about to tell me, “If so, why did you say that she has opted for a makeover?!!” Ladies, Kim hasn’t dyed or cut her long hair so far, but she’s accented it with stunning blunt bangs. Isn’t this a makeover?! Of course, it is! Let’s not forget to mention that doing so is a very smart move, don’t you agree with me?! As all of us know that the blunt-cut fringe is one of the most popular hair trends in 2013.

What? No, beauties, they aren’t fake like the ones she debuted a few months ago. Why are we so sure about it? Because simply we have an evidence! The superstar has posted a video on her Keek account while getting her new bangs, and later she’s posted a picture of hers on her Instagram account. Do you need more evidences?! Now, tell us fans: do you like or dislike Kardashian’s newly debuted hairdo?!

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