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When you hear the name of “Kim Kardashian”, you may just think in her family, reality show, the rumors about her or even her recent divorce!!!.. But what about her fashion sense??!, have you forgotten it??… That’s what made me to decide writing about major part of Kim Kardashian’s fabulous looks, it’s absolutely her hair… Kim is known with her stunning natural beauty and her sexy appeal.. None can deny that her hair is an essential part of that beauty.. Kim is one of those stars who can play well with their hair to get spectacular looks.. You can say that Kim always tends to appear in the hottest and the most sexy hairstyles.. Kim is known with her long, sleek and beautiful hair.. She may get a medium haircut but never short!!. Kim hasn’t had a short haircut since long time, may be for many years!!… So, if you are one of those admirers of the long hair, you can consider Kim as your main reference.. The same as she’s keeping on her long and sleek hair, she is also keeping her hair color. You can find that Kim tends to dye her hair in dark colors like; dark brown , black or even blacker!!.. Kim hasn’t got blonde since 2009 or 2008, really can’t remember the exact time of that… But it seems to be that Kim has missed being blonde and shocked her audience and fans with getting suddenly a blonde.. But it turns to be just a blonde wig and nothing more than that. Anyway, just concentrate with me in the upcoming lines, as I’ll talk with you about Kim’s hairstyles… Most of Kim’s hairstyles can suit you in the formal and special occasions. Kim mostly wears the sleek and straight hairstyles , but of course they aren’t the only hairstyles she wears.. Kim has worn many diverse hairstyles.. She has worn the classic Chignon hairstyles with their glamorous and chic look.. Really, those hairstyles have another taste and look other than all the known hairstyles, you can say it reminds us with that beautiful old time!.. She has also worn the different forms of the Up-Dos hairstyles… I think Kim is fully aware of what she wears on her head, as it seems to be that she’s choosing those glamorous and formal hairstyles.. But beside those last formal hairstyles, Kim has worn some of hairstyles that many of us consider them casual like the ponytails hairstyles. Even those causal hairstyles, Kim has proven that they can look formal and glamorous as well as the Chignon.. Haven’t I told you she’s a good hair player??!!!!… Kim has also worn the braids hairstyles with all their different looks.. She has worn the regular single braid and the wrapped braid hairstyles.. Of course she hasn’t forgotten to wear the formal and glamorous French braid hairstyles.. Okay, she hasn’t stopped that far.. Kim has also worn the wavy hairstyles and the loose curly hairstyles… Kim has also played well with the bangs and layers which give her very stunning looks.. Okay, you can say that Kim has proven that a woman can have one haircut and color, but she can even have diverse, spectacular looks without the need to cut or dye the hair!!… That’s what makes her an excellent reference for many women!!.. Not all the women has the time to cut or dye the hair and even if they’ve time, many of them may admire what they have and nothing else!!!…. By now, I think you’ve known what are the Kim’s hairstyles?? what makes her a hair reference??!!, you may tell yourself “Okay, I’ve know this and that, let’s drag a Kim’s hair and wear it!!!”.. No, honey it doesn’t work that way.. You need to choose what shall suit your character, face shape and hair texture.. You can just copy, only when you’re sure it can suit you…. So, by that way you can look as spectacular and gorgeous as Kim does…. You can also go anywhere and be under spotlights the same as it happens with her.. Wish you a great Kim’s hairstyle!!!!

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Kim Kardashian Hairstyles 10

Kim Kardashian Hairstyles 11

Kim Kardashian Hairstyles 12

Kim Kardashian Hairstyles 13

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