Kerry Washington New Hair Color 2013

Kerry Washington New Hair Color 2013 1

Kerry-Washington- New-Hair-Color- 2013_1

“What?! The actress Kerry Washington has updated her 2013’s lookbook with a new hair color!!” Isn’t this what came across your minds after reading the topic’s title?! Yes?! Well, okay, let me be more specific, and tell you that she didn’t go for an A-to-z brand new hue.

What do I mean?! Hmm.. The whole story is that the “Scandal” actress just accentuated her black locks with some red highlights, specifically copper ones. What a sexy & spectacular hair color, isn’t it?!! Of course it is!

Yes, ladies, I still call it a new color!! Anyway, the last thing you have to know is that Washington revealed her new hue, I mean highlights, at the premiere of her new movie “The Peeples”, on May 9, 2013. That’s it, Stylishevers! Now, you can tell us: Do you like or dislike Kerry’s new tresses?

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