Kerry Katona New Hair Color 2013

Kerry Katona New Hair Color 2013

Dear fans, ready to play with me? Yes! Okay, thank you, thank you!! A few days ago, one of my beloved female singers tweeted, “Do you think blue is my color????” Then I replied, “Yeaa @XY, of course I do!! You look Awesome!!” So?! Ladies, what are you waiting for? Start guessing who this XY is!! Okay, don’t disturb yourselves, and let me say it myself….XY refers to Kerry Katona. Hmm…Do you get what I want to say, my precious readers?! Exactly! The Big Reunion star has dyed her signature blonde short locks blue. What a drastic makeover, right?!

I do hear some of you asking, “Why has Kerry opted for it?!” Actually, we don’t know why. But whatever the reason is, it seems that this newly debuted light blue hair makes her feel so happy. How did we know that? Ladies, just take a look at the attached picture below, see her wide smile and judge! Have you seen it? Okay… Now, would you please tell us what you think of the British singer’s new hair dye? Do you think that it is going to be among the best or the worst celebrity makeovers of 2013?!

Kerry-Katona-New-Hair-Color- 2013

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