Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles

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Today, I’ll talk with you about one of the most famous glamorous and stylish celebrity. Are you curious to know who she is?!. Of course, you’re!. She is Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of the super stars Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne. Beside being a daughter of two celebrities, Kelly has managed herself to create her own fame by herself!. Kelly has tended to appear in the most funky, stylish, elegant, glamorous and stunning looks. Kelly’s looks has bounced between the gothic & punk and the elegant & classy looks. That has been reflected on her Kelly’s hairstyles.. Kelly’s hair has been a tool to either express Kelly’s personality and opinions or to complete the total look of her.. Kelly has dyed her hair with diverse hair colors, from the traditional hair colors like; the black , blonde or brunette to the untraditional hair colors like; the grey, the purple, the pink, the lavender…etc. On the other hand, concerning her haircuts, Kelly has passed over the whole haircuts from the long haircut to the very short haircut.. So, let’s get deeper to see some or may be all of punk, modern and elegant Kelly’s hairstyles.. Let’s start with Kelly’s short hairstyles.. Kelly has worn very stylish, hot and sexy short hairstyles like; the Pixie cut hairstyles, the wedge cut hairstyles, the short bob hairstyles, the short wavy hairstyles, the short straight hairstyles and the short choppy hairstyles.. Kelly has worn all of those short hairstyles with the different hair colors, bangs hairstyles and parting techniques.. All of those things have spiced up Kelly’s hairstyles and made them more funky, hot and sexy. Okay, now you’ve seen how hot Kelly’s short hairstyles are?!. So, let’s get deeper to know what are the Kelly’s long and medium hairstyles??!!.. One of the hairstyles that Kelly has worn for her long / medium haircuts are the Sedu hairstyles or as being known the straight sleek hairstyles, the loose curly hairstyles and the soft wavy hairstyles.. Those hairstyles have many and diverse looks which bounced between the gothic & funky looks and the soft & classy looks. Another hairstyles Kelly has worn are the choppy hairstyles, the ponytails hairstyles and the half up hairstyles. The last hairstyles that Kelly has worn for her long & medium haircuts are the Up do hairstyles. Kelly has worn the different styles of the Up do hairstyles like; the Chignons hairstyles, the double bun hairstyles, the bow bun hairstyles and the beehive Up do hairstyles. Sometimes, Kelly has worn those classic and classy up do hairstyles on very funky, punk and stylish way. In fact, all of Kelly’s hairstyles have been very stylish, modern and also chic. That has made many women from the different ages to take Kelly Osbourne as her role model and fashion icon. So, if you’re one of them, I can tell you that there are other celebrity hairstyles that can be considered as modern and stylish, but none of them can have the same modernized, stylish, funky and chic look as Kelly’s hairstyles. So, I can’t finish my post without telling you ” How lucky and smart you’re?! and Enjoy your Kelly Osbourne inspired hairstyles!!”..

Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles 01

Kelly Osbourne Hairstyles 02

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