Katy Perry New Haircut 2012

Oh my god, Perry, you’re definitely going to drive me crazy this year! Ladies, don’t wonder, I’m just under the shock’s effect! Before you ask me what shock? or what happened?, allow me to ask you a question which is ‘have you recently seen Katy Perry’s hair?!’. I’m pretty sure that some of you are about to say; ‘Of course, I’ve seen it. Recently, she has worn a dark purple long hair which has so gorgeous and sexy, yet outstanding look!’. Actually, what you said in the last mentioned sentence has become just an old page in her 2012’s hair lookbook! Got what I want to say? If yes, then how smart you’re! But let me clarify what I meant for those who might not understand what i want to say. Women, my words mean nothing but to forget about the multi-talented star’s long hair. Actually, not only its length, but also its color! But let’s concentrate on the length right now and talk about the color at the end or in another topic.

Anyway, Katy has replaced her stunning and gorgeous long hair with a bobbed one. Yeah, ladies, she has cut it! To be more specific, the stunning singer currently wears a medium length angled bob haircut. I know that some of you would consider that she hasn’t made a drastic change or something as she has worn different styles of the bob hairstyles since the end of 2011 till the start of 2012. Maybe, you’re right in somehow, but another stylish and sexy bob cut wouldn’t harm us. Besides, it’s cheerful thing for many of us to see Perry new hair dos, styles or cuts whatever they are! By now, you’ve known what her new hairstyle is, right? So what about the new hair color?! Briefly and in a hurry, she’s gone so, so far from wearing colorful hair and dyed her hair black. Shocked, aren’t you?! I do think that you’re, so I’m going to tell you goodbyes and leave you in peace..

Katy Perry New Haircut 2012 5

Katy Perry New Haircut 2012 4

Katy Perry New Haircut 2012 3

Katy Perry New Haircut 2012 2

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