Katharine McPhee New Haircut 2013

Katharine McPhee New Haircut 2013 1

Precious readers, if we tell you that the superstar Katharine McPhee has done a hair makeover, you will think of a…?! Huh..? Think, think, think…… and tell us! A new dye?! Actually, this isn’t what the “Smash” star has gone for. Typically, if it isn’t a new color, it will definitely be a new style. Can you guess it?! Okay, okay, I’m going to say it. Beauties, what are you waiting for?! Read on…

Our beloved “pop singer and actress” has opted for a bob cut. What? She’s already got a sporting one! Umm, I know. I do hear some of you asking, “Has she gone from a bob cut to another bob cut or what?!!” Yes, ladies, you can say so. Need more explanation?! Okay. McPhee has just ditched her spectacular lobbed locks for sexy short bobbed ones. So aha, she hasn’t left the world of bob haircuts yet!

Got it? Great! Now, allow me to tell you two important things about this makeover before saying goodbye. The newly-debuted chin length bobbed tresses make Katharine look more than gorgeous, stylish and stunning, and this is the first thing you have to know. The second and last one is that the multi-talented starlet showed off her new do at LAX a few days ago. Do you remember who else revealed her new hairstyle there?! Yup, it is Maggie Gyllenhaal! Oops, there is another important thing that you should say……. . Yes, you! Dear fans, you have to tell us: What do you think of McPhee’s new hairstyle? Do you think that it’s going to be among the 2013’s best celebrity haircuts or not?



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