Kate Moss Dyes her Hair Brunette for a new Versace Campaign!


Ladies & Gentlemen, don’t you miss Kate Moss‘s blonde hair? Yeah, I know that it sounds like a silly question, but answer it please! Okay, I’m going to assume that a lot of you said YES. And I have to tell you to stop missing her blonde hair, as …. Oh yeah, smart readers, what you’re about to say is 100% correct. Yep! The British supermodel has temporarily ditched her signature sexy blonde locks for brown ones. What a dramatic makeover, isn’t it? Of course it is! So why won’t I let you mourn the blonde?

Aha! I said “temporarily,” didn’t I. Why? Because this makeover is really short-term. Hmm… You need a bit more explanation? OK! Moss has sported the brunette tresses—which are more than stunning & gorgeous on her—only for Versace’s Autumn/ Winter 2013 campaign which makes this hue tem… Say it, Stylisheves! Yep, temporary! She’ll be blonde again before you know it. Now, tell us: What do you think of Kate’s temp hair color? Do you love it or not?


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