Justin Bieber New Hairstyle 2013

Justin Bieber New Hairstyle 2013 1

Hello world! Justin Bieber’s surprise for 2013 is a new hairstyle!!… Yup, the 19-year-old singer has finally ditched his mini pompadour hairdo for a brand-new one… Or should I say almost new one?!! Whatever! Fans, what is this noise for? Hmm… It seems that there are many questions that you want to ask about this makeover, right?! I know it! Anyway, my precious readers don’t bother yourselves to ask any question as I’m going to tell you all the details: what the cut looks like, when our beloved singer revealed it, etc….. What are you waiting for? Read on!!

Let’s begin our talk with a simple question: Can you describe Justin’s most recent hairdo? Simply, it was a mini spiked up quiff with shaved sides. Okay! Now imagine how Bieber would look like if these quiffed locks were brushed forward over his forehead. Is this how his new haircut looks like?! Yup, guys! Like I said above, it’s almost new — at least that’s how I think of it, and I know that many of you would agree with me concerning that matter…The last thing that you need to know is that the pop singer revealed it at a fan meeting a few days ago. That’s it, we’re done! So let’s say goodbye… Just don’t forget to tell us: Does the Bieb’s newly-debuted hairstyle deserve a Yay or Nay?!!



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