Just Cavalli Resort 2013 Womenswear Collection

Just Cavalli Resort 2013

Raising the mono; “It’s all about Hip Hop, Babe!” is what Roberto Cavalli has done in his last released womenswear collection for resort 2013. And you know that hip hop culture is all about being stylish and over the top. That’s exactly how the collection has looked like! When you take a look at it, you can see that Cavalli has mostly relied on using the so bright and youthful colors such as; lettuce green, orange, white and light purple. But that doesn’t mean that he’s not made use of some dark colors as; black, blue and grey as well. Besides those diverse colors, the collection has been full of prints; leopard, floral and geometrical prints. Let me tell you that in some items the three have been combined together!! But i think it’s nothing weird! As all of us know that they’re of the Just Cavalli brand’s remarks.

On the other hand, Roberto Cavalli has managed himself to present simple and delicate silhouettes. Maybe, he has tended to let both of the bright colors and prints to make the talk! With no doubt, Cavalli has extremely succeeded in doing so! One of the most stunning and statement items which has confirmed on that is the green leopard print maxi dress, featuring a flattering long split. That piece can definitely blow minds out, catch the eyes and melt the hearts!! I think that’s why Cavalli has made it the final piece to be presented in his resort 2013 show! Smart move from a smart man! Don’t think that it has been the only dress that Just Cavalli resort 2013 collection has presented. On the contrary, the collection has included other dresses; specifically mini dresses which have come with fringes and prints. Let me tell you that some of them have come with very long sleeves which made them distinguished and super fashionable.

Just Cavalli Resort 2013 1

Just Cavalli Resort 2013 2

Just Cavalli Resort 2013 3

Just Cavalli Resort 2013 4

Just Cavalli Resort 2013 5

Just Cavalli Resort 2013 6

Besides those elegant and sexy, yet diverse dresses, Just Cavalli resort 2013 collection has also presented plenty of skirts which have been full of both pleats and prints. Also, it has presented pants which have been tight and cropped. Some of those pants have been made of denim while the others have come either in prints or gradient colors. To keep on the idea of presenting a young and stylish womenswear collection, Cavalli has presented high waist shorts. Honestly, they had very gorgeous looks. Anyway, the last mentioned items starting from the skirts to the shorts have been paired with either blazers, bomber and biker jackets or tops. Besides all of the last mentioned stunning and young items, Roberto hasn’t forgotten to present a tailored tuxedo which have come in the croc-embossed jacquard that made it looking very young and stylish as well. I think nothing’s more tidier and stylish than those tuxedos to conclude our talk with. So, nothing’s left for me to say except good byes and wishing you a stunning, glamorous, rocking and eye catching look!!

Just Cavalli Resort 2013 7

Just Cavalli Resort 2013 8

Just Cavalli Resort 2013 9

Just Cavalli Resort 2013 10

Just Cavalli Resort 2013 11

Just Cavalli Resort 2013 12

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