Julianne Moore Ditches Her Signature Red Hair and Goes Blonde!

Julianne Moore Ditches her Signature Red Hair only for a New Movie 1


One of the most famous redheads in Hollywood has recently gone BLONDE… Who is she? Well… Why don’t you guess? Okay, okay, I’ll tell you… Drum roll, please… The stunning… The radiant… Julianne Moore! Seriously? Julianne? Ladies, it’s true. The glorious Julianne really has swapped her signature red hair for a blonde look. Catch your breath now, okay, Ladies? I know this makeover is shocking. Now get on with it and accept the fact that this gorgeous redhead is now…choke…gasp…sigh…blonde.


On July 8, the 52-year-old star was spotted on the set of her latest movie, “Maps to the Stars,” showing her new bleached hair. This means what? Think, Stylisheves, think! This means that Moore exposed her hair to this appalling treatment for nothing more than a role in a movie. Yes, she’s joined Gabrielle Union and the other stars in the New Flick, New Hair club.

Do you think that Juli will return to her roots when the movie wraps? Duh… What a silly question! Of course, she will! How can I be so sure? Because, Precious Reader, she did the same thing in 2008 when she bleached her hair for “Blindness.” After it wrapped she went back to those beloved, dark, russet tresses. Convinced? Yes? Great! Then let me ask you my famous question: What do you think of Moore’s new hue? Do you think it’s going to be among the best or worst hair jobs of 2013?

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