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Joy Behar is one of the most famous and cleverest comedians in Hollywood. Beside being a famous comedian, Joy Behar is also a writer and co-host in the View talk show. Joy Behar has managed herself to always appear in the most glamorous and elegant look. Joy Behar hair has been her partner in all the glamorous, elegant and mature looks she has. Despite that, Joy hasn’t been so diverse in anything related to her hair. Yeah, don’t wonder?!. Don’t you believe me?!.. If so, I’ll prove that to you!. Concerning the haircut, most of the times Joy’s hair hasn’t been on any haircut except the medium haircuts.. Maybe, she has cut her hair once to become short, but her short haircut has not been famous like her medium haircut!. On the other hand, Joy’s hair has been either dyed by the brown color or any shade of the different shades of the red color. By now, I’ve semi proven my point of view!. I think there’s nothing left to complete my point of view except showing you her hairstyles. Joy has styled her hair into few but elegant, glamorous and fabulous hairstyles like; the curly hairstyles, the layered hairstyles, the feathered hairstyles, the slicked back hairstyles and the pageboy cut hairstyles. I think now, you belive me!!. But I’ve to admit that Joy Behar may haven’t been so diverse in her hairstyles, maybe nor her haircuts & hair colors, but she’s totally managed herself to appear in the most glamorous and mature looks. That’s what made many women who are in the age of 40s and above to track Joy Behar and her hairstyles and even her whole looks. Briefly, those women are taking Joy Behar as their role model and fashion icon. I mean they’re applying the “watch & learn ” technique which is the most used technique by all the women towards the celebrities, you know?!. Anyway, if you’re one of those mature and old women who has thought that there’s no hope, I think by now your problem has been solved.. Yes, honey you may do like any one of those women and take Joy Behar as your fashion icon. Pick anyone of her hairstyles, wear it and enjoy your shinny and mature look!!…

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