Joe Manganiello Cuts Off His Long Hair!!


Okay, we’ve lost another stunning, sexy longhair! What? Who? Who else has sacrificed her glorious locks? Actually, it’s his, not hers. Ah, yes, Precious Reader, another male star has followed the example of Bradley Cooper, Joe Jonas, and the others who have ditched their long tresses in favor of the shorter, briefer cut. Who is he? I’ll tell you. Are you ready? He’s Joe Manganiello!

Yes, yes, YES! Our charming wolf has chopped off his trademark long, wavy, more-than-sexy hair! The “True Blood” actor strutted his new crew cut at the Los Angeles Film Festival 2013 on June 16. You can well believe that he rocked the red carpet with his new do. Yep, as usual, with the extra element of surprise! Some rumors say that Joe’s gotten this short cut for his role in the movie “Draft Day,” which is being filmed these days, but the star has neither confirmed nor denied those rumors yet.

2013 Los Angeles Film Festival - Coffee Talk - Actors

The biggest question I have right now is this: What do you think of Manganiello’s new hairstyle, Stylisheves? Is it Hot or Not? Tell us in the comments!

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